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Who is GGB??

Girls Giving Back (GGB) non-profit organization was birth out of the passionate hearts of 2 women with similar ambitions to make a difference in the lives of the needy.  


Our mission, while it may be simple is to GIVE...period.


Girls Giving Back looks for opportunities to give wherever and to whomever is in need. In response GGB, is passionate about partnering with organizations, government agencies, corporations, and faith-based organizations to quickly address the economic and social conditions that affect those in the Atlanta Metropolitan region and beyond.  Many of the people we serve are faced with, financial challenges, access to housing, food, and basic living amenities that prevent them from being independent, healthy, and active contributors to our local community.  

Our Priority Focus Areas or Our Mission Focuses on the following priorities: 

Economic & Upward mobility focused on needs of  Displaced individuals and families

  • Feeding Program

  • Programs that prevent or end homelessness, such as rental assistance, emergency shelter, rapid-rehousing, and permanent supportive housing.

  • Minority homeownership programs

Workforce  Development

Mentoring Economically-Disadvantaged Minority Youth & Young Adults

  • Mentorship Program

  • Monthly or Quarterly Outreach Events to support youth in the community 

ConnectHub: Serve as A Charitable and Educational Intermediary

  • Serves as a liaison to connect resources to those in need to federal, state, and local agencies and service providers.

  • Access to individual’s health resources, access to community-based health services, crisis-prevention tied to family stabilization programs, and other poverty-related issues.

Our Vision for Girls Giving Back is to: 

Partner with organizations addressing the economic and social conditions that affect an individual’s health, access to community-based health services, crisis prevention tied to family stabilization programs, and other poverty-related issues. Also, to bring attention to the homeless population in Atlanta while assisting to decrease the numbers by becoming directly involved in an effort to provide meals to the less fortunate.  We are proud to state that we are succeeding in the initial objectives of our mission which is to GIVE BACK.


As an organization, we understand investing in yourself first. We were able to jump start our operations by using our own funds, donations, and the help of volunteers to build a strong foundation of leadership to guide our growth and expand our services to assist more families in need.


GGB is a Georgia corporation in good & active standing that retains an approved 501c3 status and is managed by a board of directors.


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