Making A Diffence



  • High School Prep

  • My Body is My Temple- Health & Hygiene

  • Love YourselfSelf Esteem & Self Confidence Workshop



Middle School Specific Curriculum Units:

  • I Am Worthy- Teaching Self Love, Self Worth, Self-Esteem & Self Confidence

  • Sexual Health and Decision-Making

  • Community Service, Volunteerism and Charity

  • How to Be A Social Media Role Model – Social Media proper representation, online etiquette, self branding and imaging, stereotypes and positive ways to use social media platforms

  • Life After High School – College Prep, Real World Ready, Trades & Entrepreneurship

The GGB Mentorship Program provides girls from low-income neighborhoods, school ages 13 – 19, with one-on-one matches with screened and trained mentors in addition to benefiting from group sessions and culturally enriching outings monthly. Each mentor receives extensive training and support from GGB staff to promote the success of the mentoring match and to ensure that the match will be sustained for at least one full academic year cycle.



“We encourage their ambition and empower their confidence, but most of all, the mentees and mentors in our program are shown the power of sisterhood, community and self-love.” –


The Impact

A community of young female leaders in Atlanta who seek and value community action and involvement. We are a group of women who are passionate about paying it forward in the form of mentorship to inspire young girls to become young successful women.

  • Young women who recognize their self-worth and potential

  • Young women with increased self-esteem and decision-making abilities

  • Young women who envision themselves as leaders now and in the future

  • Positive role models for young women, which encourage their ambition, self-confidence and growth, allowing them to trust and showing them that they are supported.

  • Young women with more positive attitudes toward school, improved academic performance, increased trust for adults & teachers, higher levels of self-confidence and a greater ability to express their feelings


Guest Speakers: Various women who are leaders in their profession and industry including, life coaches/motivational speakers, celebrity women, entrepreneurs, pastors and college guidance counselors.


Activities: Vision Board Creation, Career Day (Mock Interviews, Resume Creations, Application Completion Job Readiness), College Prep, Entrepreneur Day, Off site events, etc.


What will GGB Provide?: Learning Materials and supplies, Learning Curriculums, Speakers, Snacks/Meals occasionally, give-aways, rewards, certificate of completions, community service hours/credentials, internship opportunities for students who excel, letters of recommendations, on-going mentorship opportunities, on-going participation and involvement with school events, fundraising opportunities to benefits the school/girls in program, future scholarship opportunities for girls who complete our mentorship program, sponsorship from GGB partners and additional partnership opportunities with agencies such as Atlanta/Dekalb Workforce.



High School Specific Curriculum Units

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 Career Awareness 



Choices & Decision Making


Gender Roles

Puberty, Health and

Sex Education

 Conflict Resolution 

Media, Literacy & Body Image



GGB Mentorship Program operates in communities where little to no leadership programs exist for girls. By speaking to young women living in poverty during their formative years about issues of self-worth, health, goals and aspirations, GGB is able to have the highest impact in interrupting the poverty cycle. Our program was designed to place in a high risked communities including schools, community centers or recreational facilities, which allows any girl ages 13 -19 years old in the community to join the program.



The GGB Mentorship Program addresses the crisis facing adolescent girls living in poverty, and understands the need for positive self-images, a strong sense of awareness and access to resources. The sessions are designed to be creative and enriching, and we often bring in guest speakers and workshops to enhance discussions.


Holistic & Sustainable:

As our program participants are young women in 8th to 12th grade, we are able to follow the girls through high school and onto college, at which point we encourage them to come back as mentors for the GGB Mentorship or Summer Camp program during their summer breaks or after college.


Future Off-site Outings 


1. King Center                             

2. Stone Mountain Park

3. Centennial Park

4. Sporting Events

5. World of Coca Cola

6. Georgia Aquarium

7. Movies, Bowling, Skating

8. Indoor Rock Climbing, Sky Diving, Trampoline

9. Fitness & Fun Bootcamp

10. Annual Events

11. Atlanta Beach


Field Trips will be added throughout to help the mentees become more educational, social, and personally enriched. 

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